Bet on Baseball Games Online in Michigan

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The crack of the bat. The roar of the crowd. What can be better than your team winning other than cashing in on a baseball bet?

Find the best places to bet online baseball in Michigan, learn about all the different ways you can bet on baseball, as well as some insider tips for winning big! 

Where Can You Bet on Baseball Online in Michigan?

Never has it been easier and more fun to bet on baseball games in Michigan. You know who you want to bet on, but how to go about it? Sign up, sign in, and start winning!  

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MLB Betting Lines

Think you know who is going to win the baseball game? Will it be a pitcher’s duel or a blowout? How many strikeouts? Will there be a home run?


The moneyline is the most direct way to bet on a baseball game. Who will win outright? The odds are set based on the likelihood that one team has a stronger chance of winning than the other. 

A close game between two evenly matched teams may see the favorite at -120 on the moneyline. You would wager $120 to win $100 on the favorite.

Run Line

The Run Line in baseball is the equivalent of a point spread in football or basketball. If the run line is -1.5 (-110), that means the baseball team favored to win the game must win by two or more runs. You must risk $110 to win $100.

If the underdog is +1.5 (+110), even if your team loses by one run, you would still win your wager by covering the run line. A bet of $100 would win you $110. 


You can also bet on the number of runs that will be scored by both teams combined, also called the Totals line. 

If the O/U is 8.5, a total of 8 runs or less wins the Under and a combined score of 9 runs or more cashes the Over. 

Baseball In-Game Betting

In-game betting is an exciting aspect of online wagering because it takes you right into the action. You can make bets in real time as the game unfolds, increasing your chance of winning.

The sports odds will continue to change as the baseball game progresses. For example, if the Yankees started as a -350 favorite on the moneyline but are losing 7-3 in the seventh inning, the moneyline may make them +300 underdogs to win the game. 

Player Props

It is not just the baseball game itself you can bet on, but individual player performances as well. How many strikeouts will the starting pitcher have? Will a player steal a base? Or hit a home run? 


To increase the amount of money you can win on a single bet, instead of wagering on three different games you can bet on a parlay. A parlay is betting the outcome of two, three, four, or more games.

Of course, it is difficult enough picking one winner. Having to win all games to win your ticket is a tall task. But if successful, the prize payout can be 5x, 10x, 20x your wager, or more.  


Think you can see into the future? Know who is going to win the World Series this year?

A futures bet is just that, a wager on a future outcome. 

You can bet futures on who will win the World Series, who the league MVPs will be, and who will win the CY Young in each league. There are futures on individual props as well, like how many home runs a player will have.

How Do I Place a Bet on Baseball Online?

With all of the many ways to bet on baseball, it is easy to get a little overwhelmed. However, it’s easier than you think!

How to Make an Online Wager

  1. Select a baseball betting site.
  2. Register/sign-up to join the online betting community.
  3. Enter your personal and financial details (sites are encrypted and secure). 
  4. Select your username and password. 
  5. Open your betting account with a deposit.
  6. Click on the type of bet you wish to make (run line/moneyline).
  7. Enter the amount of your wager.
  8. Place your bet.
  9. Check the official results with your online gambling site. Congrats, you’re a winner!! 

Is Betting on Baseball Legal in Michigan?

Betting on baseball is legal in Michigan. Sports betting became legal in January 2019, for anyone 21 years of age or older. 

How to Win at Betting Baseball Games Online?

Now that you know the ins and outs of how to bet on baseball games online, how do you WIN? Although no outcome of any sporting event is ever guaranteed, there are several things to look for that will help increase your chance of winning your bet. 

Starting Pitchers

The sportsbooks set their baseball game odds based on who the starting pitchers are scheduled to be. If a particular starter is a late scratch, it is common to see the bet come off the board.

Keep an eye open for starting pitchers making their major league debut. Although every so often a rookie pitcher will weave a little magic, it is usually a case of welcome to the Majors. Nervous first outings are usually roughed up for some runs.

Lineup Changes

Superstars in baseball have a huge impact on a game’s outcome, that’s why they make the big bucks. Lineup cards are not usually finalized until close to game time, so if you see the late scratch of an elite player, it may swing the advantage to the opponent.

Bet Moderately

The best strategy of all is not to go broke. Bet wisely. Do not chase a couple of bad losses with bigger bets trying to recoup. This rarely ends well.

If you can set yourself a bet limit, bet around the same amount each time, and not get flustered with a bit of a bad run, the next winning streak will be just around the corner!