Betting Odds for the NFL SuperBowl

Betting odds are consistently updated based on weekly success, player injuries, trades, and any other transaction or circumstance that would impact an NFL team’s odds of winning the Superbowl. 

Ultimately, anything that would decrease the odds of winning the Superbowl or being a top team would decrease the chances of success and increase the payout for that team. However, once you submit a futures bet for specific odds, your payout is locked into those odds and will not change in accordance with future events. 

In light of all this, it’s best to make a calculated decision as early in the season as possible and while the ability to pick a darkhorse is still open. It’s important to note that as the season progresses, certain lines will become more lopsided and less valuable. This article will break down the betting odds for the top teams and include some dark horse picks that present higher value based on their projected payout. 

Who Has the Best Odds to Win? 

The Buffalo Bills were the consensus Superbowl pick going into the season. That has continued to be the case through the first two weeks with their 2-0 record. Currently,  their odds stand at +400.

After the Bills, the highest odds are the Kansas City Chiefs (+650) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+800), respectively. Both teams are also undefeated at 2-0. Tom Brady is looking to ride out for what may be the last season of his career and capture ring number 8 before retirement. 

Mahomes and the Chiefs look to continue what has been a pretty dominant era, with a championship in 2021 and a conference finals appearance last year, where they were narrowly upset by the Cincinnati Bengals (+3500)

Next in line, we see the Philadelphia Eagles (+1000), Green Bay Packers (+1200), the defending champs LA Rams (+1600), and the LA Chargers (+1600). 

The Philadelphia Eagles are arguably the biggest surprise of the season so far. At 2-0 and at the top of the NFC East division, their odds are currently at +1000 and are heavily improved compared to their odds at the season’s opening. 

With Dak Prescott going down with an injury, the Washington Commanders (+8000) being a non-existent threat, and the New York Giants (+7000) being mediocre at best – the Eagles seem to have a relatively easy path to the playoffs. However, whether they can turn that into their second Super Bowl in the last five years is a whole other discussion. 

AFC Favorites to Win the Super Bowl 

This article has already mentioned the top five betting favorites to win the Super Bowl. However, the respective division of each contender is also relevant, as some may have easier routes to the championship game than others. Further, this is particularly important for those who may prefer to bet on conference winners compared to Superbowl winners. We will look at the top three from each conference (AFC and NFC).

1. Buffalo Bills (+400) 

Obviously, the Bills being the top favorite to win the championship in the entire league will also be the top contender in their own division. Josh Allen is on a mission and is also the favorite to win the MVP trophy this year (+300). The Bills are undefeated at 2-0, have looked great in both games with a superstar quarterback in his prime, and are looking to build their season last year with the free agency addition of Von Miller

2. Kansas City Chiefs (+650) 

It is tough to ever count out Patrick Mahomes. With the career he has already had, he is looking to build off of domination over the last few years. After a 2-0 start, they are number two in betting odds in the division. Will the loss of Tyreek Hill be enough to keep them from a championship? That remains to be seen. 

3. Los Angeles Chargers (+1600) 

Even though the Chargers are 1-1, they have had an impressive start to the season. A road win over the Las Vegas Raiders and a tight loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in week two have allowed them to show out in both games, and they remain a top contender. Justin Herbert has 6 TD’s and just 1 INT threw two games, and looks great so far. The Chargers are certainly a dark horse pick with solid value at +1600 for Super Bowl betting odds. 

NFC Favorites to Win the Super Bowl

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+800) 

The Buccaneers have had two solid victories over the Dallas Cowboys (19-3) and the Saints (20-10). The offseason odds for the Buccaneers were a little uncertain as Tom Brady’s retirement was looming over the team’s future success. However, he seems locked in for what could be his last year, and nothing would say Tom Brady more than a dominating season at age 43 before hanging up the cleats for good. 

2. The Green Bay Packers (+1400) 

For the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers is gearing up for a season without his superstar receiver, Davante Adams, who was traded in the offseason. So far this season, the Packers have been inconsistent. Although we are only two weeks in, and it is a long season. The first game was disastrous. However, the team bounced back with a convincing 27-10 win over the Chicago Bears. 

3. Los Angeles Rams (+1600) 

The Rams look to embark on the journey of a repeat as they are poised to defend the Lombardi trophy as the 2022 Champions. However, they got blown out in their first game against the Bills. Further, they had some notable losses in the offseason. Odell Beckham Jr may not play this season, and if he does, he is still a free agent and seems to be testing the market. 

Von Miller signed with one of the Rams’ top rival contenders, the Buffalo Bills. On top of this, the core continues to age, with key players like Matt Stafford and Aaron Donald becoming a year older. 


Super Bowl LVII is set for February 12, 2023, at State Farm Arena in Glendale, Arizona. The Buffalo Bills remain the steady favorite. However, many teams and those listed above will all be charging for the Lombardi Trophy and have cases to be made for their odds. Below are the rest of the Betting odds for the Super Bowl.