MGCB Responds to Payout Delays by Operators

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The Michigan Gaming Control Board is demanding action from online operators regarding a growing number of complaints about delayed winning payouts.

Investigation and Memorandum

The MGCB released a memo on April 23, 2024, revealing that the highest reported complaint was the delay of payouts of authorized participants from online casino operators.

An investigation against operators was executed, and the claims made by users were found to be true. Additionally, several operators failed to provide users with any explanation for these delays, leaving players perplexed and anxious about the status of their cash winnings.

Eyebrows were raised when the operators in these situations claimed they did not notice any issues with the user’s accounts until after a withdrawal request had been submitted. The MGCB would ideally want risky accounts to be flagged at their creation, halting the fraudulent activity in its steps.

The results of the investigation will require Michigan online casinos to provide an explanation and a plan to rectify these issues.

Normally, once a player submits a withdrawal request, online operators have ten days to fulfill that request. However, the MGCB did state in its memo regarding this issue that “operators and platform providers may also have other best practices in place which ensure compliance with the rule requirements.” Operators must share these practices with the MGCB for clarity. In the few cases where the operator suspects that the authorized user is potentially involved in fraudulent or illegal activity, the operator is authorized to decline/delay the user’s withdrawal request. In this instance, operators must follow the protocol outlined by the MCGB.

“(a) Provide notice to the AP of the nature of the investigation of the internet wagering account. (b) Conduct its investigation in a reasonable and expedient fashion, providing the AP additional written notice of the status of the investigation every tenth business day starting from the day the original notice was provided to the AP.”

The memo also states that all communication of these notices should be done through the authorized user’s email address and that chat conversations and phone messages do not qualify as legitimate forms of communication for this matter.

Michigan operators were issued a deadline of May 14 to provide suggestions or ask any questions. Feedback was requested to be sent to the email This will give the operators a chance to provide information from their perspective but also hold them to their word regarding the solutions they recommend. The Michigan Gaming Control Board will then take initial investigation results as well as these comments into consideration when developing the official payout requirements. There is not an estimated time for the release of this memorandum at this time.

Typical MI Online Casino Payouts

According to, the online casinos with the fastest payouts in the Great Lakes State are as follows:

Golden Nugget (1-2 days electric payment)

FanDuel (1-2 Days PayPal; 2-4 Days Debit/Transfers)

BetMGM (1-3 Days PayPal/Debit; 3-5 Days Other)

BetRivers (1-3 Days for electronic methods)

DraftKings (1-3 days Paypal)

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