New $300 Million Gun Lake Casino Oasis Set to Open May 2025

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A momentous occasion for the Gun Lake Tribal Council occurred recently, as the last beam was put into place on a $300 million expansion at the Wayland, MI-based Casino.

Casino and Tribal Council Leaders gathered for a construction tradition called a topping out ceremony that takes place when the last beam on the project is put into place. Just before the ceremony, casino employees and tribal members gathered, and all signed the last beam. Along with the topping-out ceremony, an evergreen tree was planted on top to symbolize prosperity and luck for the rest of the project.

Bob Peters, the chairman of the Gun Lake Tribal Council, said, “There’s challenges along the way, but for our tribal community, days like this is what makes it all worth it. We come together, we celebrate our accomplishments and this is just one more thing that we’re going to be celebrating next year. So this topping off ceremony for our community, our staff means a lot to us.”

Sal Semola, Gun Lake Casino CEO said the ceremony represented the “turning of the next page” in the casino’s ongoing project.

Up to this point, construction has gone safely and smoothly for the team. During the ceremony, leaders showed their appreciation for the over 300 people who have worked on this project.

“I would give up schedule for safety every day, all day. We can always make up time, but you can’t make up an injury or what have you. So we’re very proud of that accomplishment this far and hopefully we can maintain that.” said Sal Semola.

Brief History of Gun Lake Casino Opening and Previous Expansions

Gun Lake first opened its doors to the public on February 11, 2011, with an 83,000-square-foot gaming floor and 1,400 slot machines and has since seen a lot of change over the years.

From January 2016 to the summer of 2017, the casino was under construction with a $76 million expansion project that increased its size to 156,000 square feet and 450 additional electronic gaming machines.

Then again, in October 2019, the casino announced a $100 million expansion that would be finished in the summer of 2021. This project primarily included a bigger gaming floor, a larger entertainment venue, and additional dining options.

April 2021 is when Gun Lake Casino announced its most recent project, the $300 million expansion to add a hotel and much more for guests. This project is expected to wrap up in May 2025.

Plans for the Project

This expansion project to Gun Lake Casino will include a new four-diamond hotel with 15 stories, 252 rooms for guests, and a 32,000-square-foot glass atrium with a three-pool water oasis. The expansion is projected to cost around $300 million.

While this project has been in the works for years, workers will begin to furnish some of the hotel floors come late June and early July.

“There’s a misperception in terms of what’s happening in the Wawyé Oasis. It’s really kind of a multipurpose type of facility,” CEO of Gun Lake Casino.

“It’ll be 80 degrees in the area year-round. There’s three pools there. There’s a swim-up bar. We’re going to do live concerts there and it will also be a nightclub. And we also do banquets as well. It’s just a phenomenal space, and it’s really going to be a lot of fun.”

The expansion will also include more dining options, a full-service spa, and meeting spaces.

“For us, it’s another milestone in our journey for self-determination and our sovereignty. The sky’s the limit for the Gun Lake Tribe,” said Bob Peters. “I’m beyond excited to see this all come to fruition, it’s beyond a dream, sometimes I have to pinch myself.”

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