Lions One Win Away From SuperBowl

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For the Detroit Lions, history was made this past month. If you happened to be around in early 1992, when Detroit last appeared in an NFC Championship game, you likely remember Washington stopping their season in its tracks. Washington, led by hall-of-famer head coach Joe Gibbs and QB Mark Rypien, won the game 41-10. 

Sunday the Lions are facing their first away game of the postseason. To the delight of many fans, the Lions hosted back-to-back home games so far in the playoffs. Both matchups drew in record-breaking ticket prices. According to, ticket prices for last Sunday’s game against were averaging around $1,127. 

Tickets for Sunday’s NFC Championship game have officially become the most expensive tickets of any conference championship in NFL history. 

According to, the cheapest seat at Sunday’s matchup between the Lions and 49ers will set you back $732. The average price has reached $2,431. Looking for a lower-level, midfield seat for Sunday’s game? Well, TicketiQ can help you out, if you have 20k or 30k! According to the online ticket reseller, tickets have sold for as high as $30,000 for the big game.

We think it is safe to say that after years of disappointed fans and struggling teams, the Lions, everybody in Detroit, and thousands of fans across the country, are pumped to see their team take down the 49ers.

Detroit’s Last NFC Appearance – 1991 season, Jan. 12th, 1992

The 1991 season ended with Washington sending Detroit back home after a 41-10 loss.

Now, with Dan Campbell and Jared Goff leading their team, could it be possible for the Lions to win their first NFC Championship title in recent history?

It was just over three years ago, on Jan. 20th, 2021, when Dan Campbell was named the new head coach for the Detroit Lions. At the time, many fans of the team claimed Campbell was unqualified. Many of those fans, however, now have money on the “inexperienced kneecaps-biting coach” to win coach of the year. 101 Awards, a Kansas City-based group has already named Campbell the NFC coach of the year, and so have I!

“We’re going to the NFC Championship Game with that group of guys, alright. And, they love football, they play football. And, that’s what they respect, and they respect their teammates and not anything else. And, you know, when you’re able to care more about the person next to you than your own self, you can do some pretty special things, and that’s where we’re at with this group,” said Campbell.

After defeating Tampa Bay 31-23 in an exciting fashion (thanks to Derrick Barnes and Detroit’s defense), the boys in silver and blue are headed to San Francisco to take on the 49ers. 

Oddly enough, the last time the Detroit Lions won a conference championship game was against the 49ers all the way back in 1957. Detroit went on to win their fourth and final NFL Championship title that year. Since the Super Bowl began in 1967, Detroit has appeared in zero Super Bowls and just one conference championship (loss in ‘91).

Both the AFC and NFC championship games will be held next Sunday, January 29th. Detroit and San Francisco will face off around 6:30 pm ET.

BetMGM currently has the total listed at 51.5. Detroit is facing a 7-point spread with +275 moneyline odds. 

“I envisioned that we would have a chance to compete with the big boys, and that’s where we’re at,” Campbell said when asked whether he thought they would be one win away from a Super Bowl appearance just three years into his coaching career. “All you’ve got to do is get in, and it’s about placing yourself in the very best position to where you can move. You get a home game and then maybe you get a second home game, and now all of a sudden, it gets a little easier. If you’re able to get a one seed, you’ve only got to win two games. And so, that’s always the objective.

“But, ultimately, once you get in, then it’s about matchups, and you find a way to win and you may have to win 2-0 and it’s okay. It’s okay. A win’s a win in the playoffs. So, here we are and now we get to go to San Francisco, and we know what kind of team that is. But, we’re in a great position. We’ve got a great opportunity.”

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