Is Fanatics Planning a January Launch?

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Fans of online casino gaming and sports wagering may have noticed news of a sportsbook and casino app created by Fanatics making its way to the Great Lake state. You may have actually noticed that in the past six months, a currently operating online casino and sportsbook has already undergone some brand changes. When you visit the PointsBet website, you’ll discover a banner displaying “A Fanatics Experience” underneath the PointsBet logo. That has been the case since September.

So, sports fans are asking the same question they were in September: When will Fanatics launch their sports betting app in MI? 

The last time we covered Fanatics on our site was over two months ago. At the time, the Fanatics Sportsbook had launched in eleven US states, or so we had thought.

It turns out this wasn’t true and the brand had launched in just nine US states: Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia. 

Company leadership stated in September that the focus would be on the sports betting app, and then the company would proceed with its online casino brand after the new year. Unfortunately, it’s January 1st, and sports fans have no way to wager through Fanatics. It seems like the Fanatics app will miss the window to capitalize on the current NFL season. They’ve certainly missed the chance for the College Football Playoff. 

Despite the lack of progress, there is hope around the corner. The MGCB holds a bi-monthly board meeting where they discuss pressing topics surrounding licensing and regulatory business. During the meeting on December 12th, the MGCB approved dozens of new personal changes, as well as the transfer of several PointsBet labels over to Fanatics. According to a schedule posted by the MGCB, the meeting covered the following label and personal changes:

  • PointsBet Michigan LLC, with New Key Person FBG Enterprises Opco, LLC d/b/a Fanatics Betting and Gaming
  • FBG Enterprises Intermediate Holdco, LLC
  • FBG Enterprises Holdco, Inc,
  • FBG Enterprises Topco, Inc.
  • Fanatics Global Holdco, LLC
  • Fanatics Holdings, Inc.
  • Kynetic F, LLC
  • Michael G. Rubin 2011 GST Nonexempt Grantor Retained Annuity Trust #2
  • SL FH Holdco I, L.P.; SL FH VC, L.L.C
  • Michael Gary Rubin
  • Matthew Wallis King
  • Andrea John Ellis
  • Edward Henry Kimball Couture
  • Glenn Howard Schiffman
  • Michael Ross Conn
  • Gregory Keith Mondre
  • Mindy Faye Grossman
  • Gerald Leonard Storch
  • Deven Jawahar Parekh
  • Lydia Bly Jett
  • Jonathan Christopher Mildenhall

Could it be that all the recent changes at the MGCB level are signaling a January launch for the Fanatics family? The fact the Fanatics took up such a large chunk of the meeting could mean a launch in Michigan sometime soon! 

About Fanatics

Fanatics was founded in 1995 by two brothers originally as a storefront sports apparel and merchandise store. The store opened a second location and found some success in Florida, but it wasn’t until the company hired its first dedicated e-commerce employee in 2000 that things began to take off. By 2011, the company was purchased by billionaire Michael Rubin.

According to, Rubin had flown down to Florida to meet the owners of Fanatics and learn about the regional sports merchandising company. At the time, Fanatics was operating under the “Football Fanatics” name and sold an extensive lineup of sports gear. The company’s online store, sold merchandise for every major sports team or NASCAR driver, not to mention several other sports. According to Fast Company, “Rubin bought it more or less on the spot, for $277 million.” Today, Fanatics has over 18,000 employees, has a value of $31 billion, and is a household name for many families in the US. 

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