Red Tiger Launching Its Games in Michigan Online Casinos

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Michigan is getting a new addition to its online casinos. Red Tiger, a British iGaming operator, has launched its unique progressive jackpot games in the state of Michigan. This gives fans in the Great Lake State even more progressive jackpot games to play from the comfort of their own home. 

“We’re very excited to be launching jackpot games in Michigan (Jan. 25),” Jeff Millar, Chief Commercial Officer of North America at Evolution, said in a release. “Our unique timed jackpot mechanic will create a sense of excitement amongst players, a thrill that can only come from this countdown effect. We are constantly looking to build on our partnerships and strengthen our relationships with North American operators, and we look forward to launching Red Tiger jackpots in all approved jurisdictions across North America.”

The daily progressive jackpot first went live at FanDuel Casino MI but will eventually be offered at four online Michigan casinos. Red Tiger’s is also offered in Connecticut and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. 

While we see progressive jackpots throughout Europe, Red Tiger is the only provider in the US of timed slot titles. 

How Timed Jackpots Work

In a traditional progressive slot game, the pot grows bigger with every losing spin, and the pot restarts when someone hits the jackpot. The key is players have no idea when they’ll hit the jackpot, there is no deadline or time restriction. This is where Red Tiger’s creative approach varies from traditional slot games. 

Each game Red Tiger is introducing to Michigan works off a timed jackpot, and there are 48 of them for fans to choose from. This means operators can set the jackpot to hit a certain time each day, 10 p.m. for example. 

This is meant to increase engagement among players, building excitement and anticipation for the jackpot. All that anticipation leads to more gameplay around when the timed jackpot is scheduled to hit (the most popular is between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.). 

Each jackpot has two jackpots, a mini jackpot, which typically starts at $100, and a daily jackpot that starts at around $1000. Although the jackpots vary depending on the decision made by the operator for that day. 

Red Tiger is Known For its Clever Game Releases

One of the Red Tigers’ distinctive features is its ability to take advantage of cultural trends and holidays. Here are some examples of fan-favorite holiday/trend-related games Red Tiger has creatively innovated: 

  • Big Cat Rescue: a game inspired by trending celebrity Carol Baskin from Netflix’s “Tiger King” 
  • Santa Spins: a Christmas favorite when you spin the Santa reel some House Wilds will appear. Santa scatters gifts and presents all around the house. 
  • Trick and Treats: players encounter ominous creatures crawling onto the reels. Then turning special scatters into wilds, increasing their potential to win a payout. 

Red Tiger offers a variety of slot games, and there is something for everyone! They are known for attractive and artistic graphics and colorful lighting. Michigan players can now enjoy Red Tigers’ 48 inventive games.

Michigan’s market has proven to be wildly successful since the legalization of online gambling. The partnership between Michigan and Red Tiger could definitely prove to be a profitable union for both enterprises. 

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