Leadstar Media Launches in Michigan Thanks to New License

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Michigan online sportsbooks and casinos now have the option of partnering with Leadstar Media after the affiliate marketing group was awarded a license to operate in the Great Lake State. 

The Sweden-based marketing company is now able to provide affiliate marketing services for both sports betting and online casino brands. The brand is also allowed to legally promote and market online gambling sites to Michigan residents on their two US flagship websites, sportsbookonline.com, and unitedgamblers.com.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to enter the Michigan market. This licence will allow us to provide even more value to our partners, and we are confident that this will be positive for our company,” said Eskil Kvarnström, CEO of Leadstar Media. “Our team is dedicated to providing the best products for our visitors and in turn helping them to find the right operator. We have achieved this in other markets and are confident that we can replicate that success in Michigan as well.”

Leadstar’s entrance in Michigan is the most recent development in the US for the marketing brand. The company is also licensed in 15 other states, including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, West Virginia, and Virginia, to name a few. 

Leadstar has over ten years of casino and sports betting marketing experience across 25 regulated markets. According to Leadstar’s website, its goal is to make sports betting and casino marketing seamless. The company partners with the best operators in the industry and is “only looking for long term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and results.”

“In the past 12 months we have experienced big growth in the USA and we are pleased to announce yet another state in which we are fully licensed and operating according to the laws,” Kvarnström said in a statement.

More About Leadstar Media

Leadstar Media was founded in 2012 by three Swedish friends, business partners, and avid poker players, Eskil Kvarnström, Oscar Carlsson, and Jens Öberg Garemark. 

Kvarnström started his first affiliate marketing poker website in 2006. Since then, his interest in poker has grown, leading him to play professionally for a short period before developing more online products for brands. He then, with the help of co-founders Oscar and Jens, started Leadstar media, focusing on the emerging sports betting market that was beginning to materialize in 2012. Kvarnström remains the company CEO of Leadstar. 

Oscar Carlsson helped co-found Leadstar Media. Carlsson has 10+ years of experience in hotel online e-commerce, web analytics, website design, marketing, and development. Carlsson still serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Leadstar.

Garemark helped co-found Leadstar Media in 2012. Garemark is Leadstar’s graphic designer and serves on the board of directors. 

The company has since grown to become one of the lead marketing website operators with operations in over 25 regulated markets across the globe. Leadstar is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with over 60 employees. The company’s goal is to “create exceptional products for our visitors and to become the no. 1 sports betting affiliate in the world,” according to its website. To accomplish the task, Leadstar optimizes casino and sports betting websites for search engines to help generate more traffic for gambling sites. 

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