Caesars Sportsbook Paving the Way with NFL Streaming Feature

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Caesars Sportsbook, the well-loved online sports wagering platform from Caesars Entertainment, has just announced its latest feature. “Watch and Bet” allows fans to video stream select National Football League games while simultaneously offering fans data-driven in-game wagering opportunities. The new feature will give fans a captivating and engaging NFL betting experience right from their mobile devices. 

Considering how many fans use their smartphone to not only place bets online but also to stream sporting events, this innovation is an unavoidable next step in the sports betting industry. 

Watch and Bet utilizes advanced data analytics, giving fans betting opportunities and player props while streaming the game on the Caesars Sportsbook app. Caesars will also be displaying official NFL logos and digital media assets to help advertise their live, captivating wagering experience. 

”We’re excited to offer fans a new way to experience and engage with NFL content,” said Brent Lawton, VP of NFL Media Strategy and Business Development. “Watch and Bet is an innovative step forward in our partnerships with Genius Sports and Caesars.”

The National Football League and Genius Sports

The new feature was made possible thanks to a partnership between the NFL and Genius Sports. Genius Sports, a sports data company, has expanded its partnership with the NFL to stream select live games through sports betting platforms. Genius Sports is capitalizing on its live streaming and machine learning technologies to power an elevated viewing and wagering experience for fans. 

Caesars Entertainment is America’s largest casino-entertainment company. Caesars has become the United States’ first sportsbook to offer users the ability to place wagers while watching NFL games live, right from their phone. 

“The addition of live Watch & Bet video streaming brings the best that the NFL has to offer right into the Caesars Sportsbook app,” said Eric Hession, President of Caesars Digital. “Delivering innovative technology like this remains a key emphasis for us, so being the first US sportsbook to provide customers with in-app NFL live streaming isn’t something we take lightly. We’re thankful to bring an industry-leading new feature to our sports wagering app through our partnership with Genius Sports and the NFL.”

Caesars was picked to be the first online betting site to launch this new feature, partly because it was one of the first sports betting operators to partner with the NFL. 

A Shift to the Sports Betting Atmosphere

Less than half of Americans from ages 18-37 have a cable TV subscription. These numbers reflect a change we’re seeing in the viewing habits of the sports audience in the US.

With viewers straying away from cable, they will be looking to live stream games from their mobile devices. With new features that allow NFL fans the capability to not only live stream games but also place bets while watching from their app, we could begin to see a larger trend growing.

Historically, pre-game sides and totals consumed much of the sports betting atmosphere. The live betting market is a new beast entirely with tremendous potential. 

This perhaps could become one of the most competitive expansions in the US sports betting industry.

Watch and Bet Available For Fans and Bettors

The Watch and Bet feature was launched for the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts in December. This was the very first time an NFL game was streamed on an online sportsbook. 

The Watch and Bet feature is available to new and existing customers of Caesars who have an active account balance and have placed a bet in the past 10 months. You will have access to live stream, and in-game betting opportunities, which include wagers on the moneyline, player props, and spread betting. 

Anyone in a state that legally licenses Caesars Sportsbook can use the app to stream select NFL games. 

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