Wayne County Man Wins $5.4M Jackpot Online

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On September 28th, one 69-year-old man won a $5.4 million Lotto 47 jackpot from a ticket purchased online in Michigan.

The winning jackpot totaled $5.42 million, which was paid out to the winner as a one-time lump sum of about $3.8 million rather than receiving 30 annuity payments.

The winner, who remained anonymous, said, “I like playing online and had about $280 in my account from a recent win … I hadn’t played the game in a while, so I decided to buy 15 tickets.

“The next day, I was going through my email and had one from the Lottery that said I won a prize, but it didn’t say how much. I logged in to my online account, and when I saw I hit the jackpot my head started spinning and it hasn’t stopped.”

The winner visited Lottery headquarters in Lansing to receive his winnings which are officially the second largest prize won online from the Michigan Lottery. The largest prize ever won was in 2021, when two players won $1,000 a day playing Lucky For Life online. The winnings ended up being paid out in one lump sum of $5.75 million.

“We certainly weren’t struggling financially, but winning this jackpot means we won’t have to worry about money in our retirement.”

Lotto 47 allows players to select six numbers from one to 47 for a chance at the jackpot. The jackpot starts at $1 million and grows until someone wins. The recent win is the sixth time Lotto 47 has been won in 2022.

The Wayne county man plans to use the winnings to pay bills and save the rest.

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