Continent 8 Comes To Michigan’s Growing iGaming Market

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Continent 8 Technologies (C8) has officially become an operator in Michigan. The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) authorized the brand to begin offering its services last week.

Who is MGCB?

The Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates iGaming, Sportsbetting, and live casino gaming in Michigan. Founded in 1996, the company is responsible for issuing licenses for state operators. The license given to Continent 8 is a B2B license allowing the technology company to partner with online casinos and sports betting brands in the state. 

Michigan has now become the 24th US state to offer Continent 8 Technologies’ Gaming Cloud. 

Continent 8 NA Develoopment

The development is another step in the company’s rapid expansion across the US. Continent 8 offers casino cloud gaming services for casino clients across North America. The cloud gaming solution is a LaaS (Logging as a Service) company that allows clients to host their websites on Continent 8’s platform. But that’s just one aspect of Continent 8’s business. The company offers a multitude of hosting solutions and iGaming technology. 

Meeting Michigan’s Standards

As with any US state, regulators are allowed to require specific standards for operators before can legally operate in the state. Michigan is known for requiring lengthy testing and having strict standards in the industry (which is a good thing for consumers). Continent 8’s platform had to ensure its products and services met MGCB standards. Casino gaming and sports betting regulations can change quickly, requiring providers to be able to adapt to changes in the industry.

Who is Continent 8?

Continent 8 is the largest online gaming data center and global network solutions provider in the world. The company was formed back in May of 2006 and has since grown to have over 85 connected server locations across Europe, Asia & The Americas. The company provides network solutions and management for iGaming companies across the world. Continent 8 has made it clear its focus is on the iGaming industry and that it’s developing heavily in the US iGaming market. 

What else does Continent 8 offer?

The Public Cloud by Continent 8 offers partners network connectivity, Cloud Backup & Connect services, and a diverse range of cyber security services. 

Online casino companies often have to find different suppliers when expanding to new states. If an online casino brand can utilize the same server/data management/cybersecurity company in multiple states when expanding, it’s a huge win. And Continent 8 offers that inter-state capability. 

In a blog written by Justin Cosnett, the Chief Product Officer explains how Content 8’s desire to be licensed in every legal US state sets the company apart from its competition. “C8 has pursued a strategy of providing services to iGaming in every suitable US state. This considerable and challenging expansion has delivered a first-to-market capability for our customers with a single supplier they know can meet their needs,” said Cosnett. 

David Brace, the company’s Innovation Director, commented on the recent development in Michigan, stating, “We are proud to be the first service provider to offer this regulated Community Cloud solution in the state.”

“In terms of infrastructure, cloud offers fast market entry, especially for new licensees, as well as backup or migration capability for those already invested into the state looking to move away from costly hardware investment in a time of supply chain challenges,” said Brace.

Cosnett believes Michigan’s iGaming market needs secure cloud solutions. “Achieving approval from the Michigan Gaming Control Board for our Gaming Community Cloud is an important strategic development for Continent 8, as demand for secure and compliant cloud solutions continues to rise,” said Cosnett. “We understand the power of the first-mover, pay-as-you-grow advantage in such highly competitive states and markets, and strive to offer this to our customers.”

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