New Data Suggests 18% of US Adults Plan to Bet on NFL This Year

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A report completed by the American Gaming Association (AGA) estimates that 46.6 million Americans plan on betting during the 2022 NFL season. The estimates this year represent a 3% growth overall. The data collected by the AGA was based on results from a survey conducted by the data firm Morning Consult in late August.

The survey reported that online and retail sports betting is growing in the United States. The US has added five more legal sports betting states this year, bringing the total to 32. Just two years ago, sports betting was legal in only 19 US states. 

Who is the American Gaming Association?

The AGA was formed in 1994. Its goal was to promote and represent casino gaming across the country. The association represents the casino and sports betting industry in Washington DC. 

The AGA has been conducting its State of the States: The AGA Survey of the Casino Industry since 1999, detailing the growth of casino wagering in the US. Since 2019, the company has also conducted an Americans’ NFL Betting Plans report estimating the expected NFL wagering turnout for the season. 

The AGA partnered with Morning Consult to conduct the online survey for 2022.

The data suggests that more players are seeking safe, legal ways to place their bets. The report also detailed how more players are looking to place those bets from their mobile phones or computers. 

In-person vs. virtual

More players are planning on placing their bets online rather than in person. The report estimates that 23 million people will place their wagers online this season, up 18% from 2021. 

In-person betting is estimated to grow slightly during the NFL season, as the report estimated that 10.6 million people will place their wagers in person, up just 2% from 2021. 

Bill Miller, the AGA’s President and CEO, commented on the growing desire among players for legal sports wagering options. “The sustained interest in NFL wagering reflects the growth and continued maturation of legal sports betting across the country. Consumers clearly want legal sports betting options and understand the regulated industry’s foundational commitments to responsibility,” said Miller. 

The report estimated only 13% of bettors will use a bookie this season, down 15% from 2021. With the increasing development of legal sports betting in the US, it’s auspicious to see players choosing legal, safer options. 

46.6 million Americans expected to wager on NFL 2022 season

The report estimated that the 2022 NFL season would break records in the sports betting world. The report suggested nearly 47 million Americans would wager on the NFL season, representing 18% of all US adults, up 3% from 2021, when the report estimated 45.2 million Americans would wager on the NFL. 

The report also asked participants if they were aware of the tools available for those struggling with responsible gambling. It reported that 92% of participants were aware of the tools available in legal sports betting states. 

The report also estimated that over $50 billion has already been wagered in the US in 2022. The 2022 NFL season could see the US push the US sports betting market to $100 billion in 2022.

High hopes for the rest of the season

Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season started with a bang. Sports betting numbers were up 71.5% according to data analytic company GeoComply. If week 1 is any indication as to how the rest of the year will go, it’s likely we’ll see almost 47 million Americans wager on the NFL 2022 season. 

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